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Hi, I’m Gary McRae, an accomplished marketing leader based in Singapore. With extensive marketing experience spanning Asia, the United States, and the United Kingdom, I bring a global perspective to digital marketing. I'm a certified AI Ethics and Governance CAIEG professional.As the head of the digital channels team and marketing technology for a renowned professional services firm, my expertise lies in digital-first marketing, digital transformation, and martech.I possess a unique ability to drive innovative strategies and foster a culture that embraces change and innovation.Join me on an insightful journey by tuning into DemandGen Radio, where I delve into “Building a Culture that Embraces Change & Innovation.” Discover my thoughts on the future of marketing and learn from my wealth of knowledge and experience.

Gary McRae Martech Leader

Marketing Leader & Change Agent

As an accomplished marketing leader based in Singapore, my impact areas encompass diverse marketing strategies and techniques. I excel in crafting marketing roadmaps that set businesses on the path to success, spearheading martech transformations that revolutionize marketing operations, and fine-tuning marketing processes to optimize efficiency and effectiveness.My expertise also extends to designing innovative marketing campaign strategies, ensuring your brand stands out in the competitive landscape. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for driving growth, I am committed to helping businesses achieve their marketing goals.Join me on this exciting journey and discover the power of transformative marketing strategies in today’s fast-paced digital world.


Apart from my passion for marketing, I find solace and inspiration in my creative outlets, which include street photography, fitness, and portrait photography. Capturing the essence of life and the world around me through my lens allows me to hone my creative skills and develop a unique perspective on the nuances of human behavior and interactions.Staying active and fit energizes me and sharpens my focus and mental agility, ensuring I can bring my best to every marketing challenge.These perfectly complement my professional pursuits, fostering a harmonious work and personal growth balance.View my portfolio at Gary McRae Photography

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